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  Blood Donation Programme

Voluntary Blood Donation Programme

• Voluntary Blood Donation programme is the foundation for safe and quality Blood Transfusion Service as the blood collection from voluntary non-renumerated blood donors is considered to be the safest.
• No Blood Bank, hospital or Government can sustain health care without adequate blood from such donors and Blood Donor Organisations plays a very crucial role in this endeavor.
• The World Health Organization’s goal is to attain 100% voluntary, non-remunerated blood donation for all countries by 2020. Our National Blood Policy adopted in 2002, also emphasizes that voluntary blood donation is a vital component of a well organized transfusion service and hence must be promoted.
• Though voluntary blood donation in India has steadily increased over the years, much can be done to achieve self sufficiency in voluntary blood donation.

Voluntary Blood Donation : Why?

• Voluntary blood donation is the first and foremost step towards achieving a safe and adequate blood supply. It is now well established that of the various types of blood donors, voluntary blood donors are the safest. The emphasis is on regular, repeat, non-remunerated blood donors because:
• Prevalence of blood transmissible infections is lower in voluntary, repeat donors as compared to other new donors.
• It is likely that such donors would respond at times of need, since they are voluntary.

Policy on Voluntary Blood Donation:-

• For providing good quality blood, the transfusion service must necessarily be supported by voluntary blood donors.
• Consequently, the recruitment & retention of donors becomes one of the most important aspects of Blood Transfusion Services.
• A pleasant environment in the blood bank, good donor care, polite and effective communication between staff and donors are all important factors for the retention of blood donors.

Blood mobile bus:-

• Under the National AIDS Control programme Blood safety is an integral component of State AIDS Control Society which works with the goal to wipe off the scarcity of blood and ensure availability of safe and quality blood and blood components, throughout the year collected from voluntary donors to be provided at affordable cost to the masses and free to the poor.
• The NACP Phase-3 program has set up a target of 90% for voluntary blood donation and in order to achieve the desired targets the blood mobile bus has been provided by NACO.
• Three staff members have been provided for the blood mobile Bus i.e. Driver, Attendant and Cleaner.
• The Mobile bus has a very comfortable and cozy interior with 4 couches for 4 donation to be carried out simultaneously. Air conditioner (AC) has been installed in the bus to maintain and control the temperature as required for donations.
• Refrigerators and installed for the safe storage of collected blood units during the camp along with domestic fridge and micro-wave oven to be used for refreshments and drinking water etc. for donors.
• A walky-talky is also present for announcements and addressing donors etc.
• The blood mobile bus is being used regularly for general and walk-in camps since April 2011 specially to cater the requirements of the Model blood bank Doon Hospital and other districts.
• A complete IEC campaign is also conducted simultaneously with the mobile bus during each camps where IEC materials (Brouchures, Booklets etc.) are distributed to the entire near lying area of the camp venue to sensitize the youth/masses and all queries are handled regarding voluntary blood donation by the staff members and medical teams.

On the whole, the Mobile Bus has proved to be great asset to achieve the VBD target set by NACO and make the voluntary blood donation program – a mass movement in the state and also promote repeated regular donations thus reducing the possibility of window period transmission of Transfusion transmitted infection.

The total unit of blood collection during the year  :-


Total  Collection of Blood Units

Percentage of Voluntary blood collection


(Jan to Dec)




(Jan to Dec)










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