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The state proposes to expand the program in 15 blocks of remaining 9 districts of the state, the remaining 53 blocks in 9 districts will be covered in FY 2013-14 as second phase of expansion. In this way the state will ensure the 100% coverage of all the block by the FY 2013-14.

Proposed Expansion of ARSH- UDAAN in Remaining 9 Districts

( The ARSH-UDAAN program is proposed to be expanded in some blocks , 1 in 3 small districts ( Rudraprayag ,Bageshwar and Champawat) and 2 blocks in remaining 6 districts namely Uttarkashi, Chamoli, Tehri, Pauri garwal, Pitthoragarh and almora. There are 95 blocks in the state and 27 are already covered through the block level FNGOs and 68 are remaining in 9 districts, where no such program is undertaken. Hence, in addition to the existing 27 blocks, additional 15 blocks will be covered during next FY 2012-13 while the remaining will be propose in the next PIP for the FY 2013-14 to cover all the 95 blocks of the state. The names of the intervention blocks will be selected in consultation with the respective CMOs and DPM in the new districts on the GoI criteria for highest population density, highest number of senior secondary level schools etc. The status of remaining 9 districts is given in the following table and the data is from provisional Census 2011 findings and is for complete district:

S. No. District Total Blocks To Be selected Pop Adol. Pop Sex Ratio Literacy Rate (M) Literacy Rate (F)
1 Uttarkashi 6 2 329686 72531 959 89.26 62.23
2 Chamoli 9 2 391114 86045 1021 94.18 73.2
3 Tehri 9 2 616409 135610 1078 89.91 61.77
4 Garhwal 15 2 686527 151036 1103 93.18 73.26
5 Rudraprayag 3 1 236857 52109 1120 94.97 70.94
6 Champawat 4 1 259315 57049 981 92.65 68.81
7 Pithoragarh 8 2 485993 106918 1021 93.45 72.97
8 Bageshwar 3 1 259840 57165 1093 93.2 69.59
9 Almora 11 2 621927 136824 1142 93.57 70.44
Total/Average 68 15 3887668 855287 1057.56 92.71 69.25

In accordance to the feedback from Govt. of India officials, during various interactions with the state level stakeholders, an spending of huge budgets on FNGO , state has decided to strengthen the existing ASHA Support System through DARCs for better community mobilization by providing extra manpower to them to implement this program at the block level and to propose incentives for motivators and service providers to increase the ownership among Govt. officials and to institutionalise the ARSH-UDAAN program. Hence, the state proposes a revised plan to implement the program with the help of DARCs. The FNGOs working in 27 existing blocks of four Districts will continue. The DARCs will enter into block wise MoU with the Chief Medical Officer and will run the program in each block as a separate entity so that the block wise performances can be assessed by the state. The FNGOs who will be willing to continue with revised model and reduced budget will continue in existing blocks else the same will be assigned to the DARC of that district.

The major changes in the implementation strategy are as follows:

50 priority intervention villages will be selected in each block;
VHSC of intervention villages would be taken into confidence for all ARSH activities, setting up of AFC and distribution of scholarships to PGE’s.
Instead of 4 FTs and a BC of FNGOs, now the male and female ARSH mobilizers and an Accountant cum MIS Assistant will be provided to the FNGOs in old 27 blocks and to the DARCs in 34 additional blocks ;
ASHA, ASHA Facilitators, VHSC, AWW and DARC Staff will play an active role in selection of PGEs and management of AFCs and other village level activities in each block. Priority would be given to SAKHIS and SAHELI’s of SABLA programme whereever applicable.
A ARSH District Counsellor &Coordinator (DCC) would be stationed at each DH AFCC and would work under the DARC, S/he would directly oversee UHCs- ARSH trainings and work to strengthen the covergence between all AFCC’s and ICTC centres.The block level staff assigned to FNGOs and DARC will report to the District Counsellor &Coordinator (DCC) of DARC and Regional Coordinator of SNA;
Staff Nurse wherever possible would be trained as counsellors to meet out the large number required for AFHS.
The block level staff provided to the FNGOs and DARC for ARSH-UDAAN program will utilize AFCC area as their office in the block PHC/CHC for better convergence between AFCC staff and ARSH program staff;
The ASHA/ANM/AWW/PGE and AFCC staff will be incentivised to improve the access to the AFHS;
State Nodal Agency will recruit 2 additional Regional Coordinators for ARSH each for 10 to 11 blocks with 70% travelling time;
FNGO’s in the blocks who will express their inconvenience with the GoI approved revised model of ARSH implementation, will be replaced by the DARC model for additional blocks in remaining 9 districts;
The Block coordinator (DARC) and District Counsellor &Coordinator (DCC), ARSH will jointly operate the separate bank account for ARSH program in the new model;
The ARSH project staff will actively support in each and every activity of the Menstrual Hygiene program at the block level;
The master trainers for MHP would be trained by ARSH- SNA at SARC.
ICTC Counsellors would be given additional work at block AFCC to strengthe the counselling services of ARSH.
The Roles of UKHFWS, SNA and Block Units will remain same in order to accomplish the UDAAN activities;

In this way the implementation model for ARSH UDAAN be obliged for more accountability towards increasing the AFHS with the support of ASHA Support System and incentives for the motivator and service provider by cutting down the overheads associated with existing FNGO approach .The state envisages the greater success to this program with the revised model.

1 Peer Group Educators Selected and Trained by the Field Trainers 2700 2700
2 Adolescent Groups Formed 2700 2700
3 Adolescents Enrolled with UDAAN Program 50064 44712
4 Adolescent Health Camps Conducted 163 108
5 Adolescents Accessed the AFHS 4505 8065
6 Convergence Workshops with ICDS, NYKS, NSS, Education etc NA 1 at State Level and 4 District Level
7 Community Meetings at the Village Level 3515 2673
8 Cluster Meetings of PGEs 1171 1365
9 Sessions Delivered by the PGEs 22459 21652
10 School Based Activities - Workshops. Poster Drawing Competitions 356 189
11 Livelihood Training to Out of School Adolescents 80 540


Planned Activities for the Next FY 2012-13

1 Expansion in Remaining 9 districts with 15 new Blocks 15 out of 64 blocks are proposed for expansion of UDAAN
2 Involvement of DARC in UDAAN for better convergence at village level through ASHAs 13 DARCs will be provided extra staff for managing ARSH
3 MO Training for in 15 Block Level AFHS 75
4 Paramedics Training for in 15 Block Level AFHS 450
5 Training of Block and District Level ARSH Trainers 139
6 Training of Peer Group Educators in 13 districts 4410
7 Establishment of AFCC at 15 new Blocks and 2 State Medical Colleges 17
8 Establishment of AFC (Teen Clubs) at Sub-block/Village Level 630
9 Target Adolescents to be Enrolled with UDAAN Program 66150
10 ARSH Helpline within State Adolescent Health Resource Centre 4 Terminal Call Centre
11 Mobile Task Force for ARSH to conduct 200 Sessions in Degree Colleges/Engg. Mgmnt Institutes 10000-15000 Adol. In Degree Colleges are targeted to be trained
12 21 Urban Health Centers in Linkages with AFCC at DH/SDH Level for Adolescents of Urban Slums UHC Staff is trained on AFHS and Linkages with neares AFCC will be established
13 Convergence Workshops with ICDS, WCD, NSS, NYKS 1 State Level and 13 District Level
14 Induction Workshop for ASHA Support System At State Level with SARC and 13 DARCs
15 Convergence with Menstrual Hygiene Program at block/district level The FNGOs/DARC will work together to spread awareness about MH and promotion of sanitary napkins by the adolescent girls during menses.
16 Convergence with school Health Programme Convergence with SHP through DCC-ARSH, by organizing Health Camps and Health awareness workshops.

District-wise Report

Udhamsingh Nagar

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