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School Health Program for the Year 2012-13
School Health Programme is being implemented in the State from the financial year 2010-11. This programme is being run in the state in convergence with education department. There are 38 school health teams functional in the state for health examination of the school children. Each Primary and Upper Primary Govt. school targeted for health examination activity. 977627 children enrolled in 15677 primary and upper primary schools are targeted for health examination in 2012-13. Due to difficult geographical conditions, distance of school from road head and sparse population, existing number of team per district are not able to examine each child once a year.

Since 2010-11 this programme is being implemented in the state through a dedicated school health team which includes two MO’s (01 male & 01 female), one pharmacist, and one Community Mobilizer at district level. Besides this there are 2 Regional Coordinator (Garhwal and Kumoun) in positioned for monitoring and monthly report compilation of the programme.

For treatment of the serious diseases in children Rs. 1000000/- is proposed by the state for the year 2012-13. Treatment will be done under the RSBY empanelled Hospitals, and as per the RSBY rates.

Optimally utilising the manpower employed in the teams, as a convergence activity the team will visit Aanaganwari Centres and conduct checkups of children same pattern as in schools. These teams will conduct this activity school based Aanganwari centres.

During holidays in the schools, these school health teams will be involved in the examination of children in VHNDs and organization of Adolescent Health Camps under the ARSH programmes.

It has been noticed that the school health team (specially Community Mobilizer and Regional Coordinator) are facing difficulties in the communication with School Nodal Teacher, because of no provision for telecommunication support. For this purpose state is proposing Rs. 500/- per month as mobile talk card for each team and regional coordinator mobile will be used for official purposes during duty hours for the entire team.

It has been noticed that in each new education session about 1 lakh new students are enrolled in class 1st of Govt. primary schools, for the health examination of new enrolled student’s there is need for 1 lakh Health Examination Card and Referral Slip every year. For printing of new card and slip state is proposing Rs. 600000/-
Normally students referred in District hospital, Combined hospital, Medical Collage, CHC, PHC, Additional PHC, State Allopathic Dispensaries and Sub centre.

Role of Education Department :
Nodal teacher of each targeted school has been identified. Orientation training of nodal teachers regarding health examination activity has been done in all districts.

School health Cards and Registers :
Health examination card at primary school level distributed by Education department since starting of the program. For upper primary classes (class 6th to 8th) health examination cards has been distributed by district health department. Health card is design for 5 time use, so that one health card can be utilized 5 times.

School Health Committee and PTA :
School Management Committee (SMC) and Parents Teacher Association (PTA) is also playing their role in health examination activity. Health team is providing advance information to them about the date of health examination. Both are helping in referred children cases.

District-wise Report

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